Will I be able to get the same services I have been getting through the Department of Health?

Sarasota County Health CentersWe anticipate that the services available now will continue to be available.

Community Health Centers of Sarasota County will provide primary care health services for Children, Women and Men, including OB/GYN, as well as Mental/Behavioral health care services and Dental care as an independent primary health care provider beginning in January 2018. Florida Department of Health-Sarasota will continue to provide public health services.

Will I be able to get healthcare services with CHCSC if I am on Medicaid?

We accept Medicaid/Medicare, Private Pay and Private Insurance patients.

What if I can’t afford health care?

Your fees may be partially or fully discounted, based on family size and income.


How will I be able to make an appointment?

If you are a new patient, you will need to go through the eligibility process. If you are an existing patient, you can call to make an appointment. Some same day appointments are available for an urgent issue.

In the future, we plan to have a patient portal on the CHCSC website to help patients who have an email address or a smart phone set appointments.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

*A PDF document with complete information* is available in English and Spanish.

To determine eligibility, please bring the following to Eligibility PRIOR to your first appointment:

Picture ID (government ID, foreign government ID, or other ID with supervisor approval)

Social Security Cards or numbers (for all family members)

Children’s birth certificates

Verification of Sarasota County address (for example, mail postmarked within the last 30 days)

Verification of most recent 4 weeks of total Gross Household Income*

Health Insurance Card (deductible co-pay information), Medicaid, Medicaid MMA and/or Medicare card, Private Insurance cards for health, dental or prescription coverage

Verification of Alien Status – Lawful Permanent Resident cards, Employment Authorization cards, Passport, I-94, Visas, any other Immigration or Homeland Security documents

What happens when I arrive?

We do not anticipate a change in the eligibility process. When you arrive, you will be asked to take a number. When your number is called, our staff will help you.