Will the Community Health Centers of Sarasota County be separating from DOH-Sarasota?

Community Health Centers of Sarasota County is anticipating a transition to becoming an independent primary health care provider in January 2018.

The Florida Department of Health-Sarasota will continue to provide public health services, such as health planning and promotions, infectious disease services (such as tracking Zika outbreaks and treating sexually transmitted diseases), environmental health and wellness programs.

The CHCSC will provide primary care health services for Children, Women and Men, including OB/GYN, as well as Mental/Behavioral health care services and Dental care.

Will you continue to be the safety net for low-income people who need health care?

Yes, our plan is to not only continue but to expand our services as funding permits.

Will locations and services change?

We plan to provide the same currently offered primary health care services at the same three locations.

Will cost structure change?

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, we are obligated to set our charges based on the prevailing rates for medical services in our area. The only time the cost structure will change is if community rates change. However, a sliding fee scale will always be available.

How will it be funded?

As a Private nonprofit corporation, CHCSC will be funded by fees for services, including Private Insurance and Medicare/Medicaid payments, donations, and grants funded by Private foundations, the federal government and Sarasota County.

How will this impact relationships with community partners?

Our relationships with community partners will not only remain intact but also grow stronger, as we continue to forge alliances with organizations that help us fulfill our mission to provide high quality primary care services in Sarasota County.